Buried, deep.

Reading other writers’ poems, I often find their creativity sparks something in me, as well. Here’s what I unearthed this morning!


Note: OK, so having seen my lovely, foofy, unreadable font on the page (we won’t do that again, will we?), here it is in good old readable font.


Trying on different lives to see what fit
I found my own skeleton buried deep
beneath a mound of costumes.
Crying, softly, as I remembered who I was;
And lifting my bones gently from their early grave,
I washed them clean and clothed them in myself.




#WQWWC – “Rebirth” – J.K.R., and My Own Story

Join us for Writer’s Quote Wednesday. This week’s challenge word is ‘REBIRTH.’


Children of an eastern suburb of London, who have been made homeless by the random bombs of the Nazi night raiders, waiting outside the wreckage of what was their home. September 1940. New Times Paris Bureau Collection. (USIA) Exact Date Shot Unknown NARA FILE #: 306-NT-3163V WAR & CONFLICT BOOK #: 1009

Yesterday, I saw a video posted on Youtube of J.K. Rowling, talking about failure, It is one of the most heart wrenching and inspiring things I’ve ever seen and so jammed packed with fabulous quotes that I could NOT pick just one and chose to add a link to the short segment. It’s only around 2 minutes, and part of a longer address to graduating Harvard Students.

Please take a look at J.K. Rowling on the benefits of failure

To say this video knocked me sideways, is an understatement. It prompted me to write the piece below, and I realized – as I was writing – that we really must DIE to be truly reborn. The old J.K. died, the old was burned away and, left with a pen and paper, she wrote her new life as she wanted it to be.

This is how I see my own rebirth:



The house looks like it’s been bombed.

Photos of hope still adorn broken walls,

Betrayed smiles staring back at me.

The bricks and mortar of a life –

Thoughtlessly, callously, strewn –

And trust lies, shattered, on the bedroom floor.


If I stay here, I will end here

If I have not already gone

The air is poisoned and there’s nothing to sustain me

But I stare through cracked and dirty windows

Looking for a sign,

And I see nothing.



I remember back

To long ago

When I believed in magic

And I seek my trusty wand

In desperation

Poking out from beneath someone else’s dream,

It calls to me

But it’s broken in two pieces

From the battle.

I hold them in my hands and lift them high




I grasp one piece of wand and sketch a portal

On one unbroken stretch of wall

And then I draw a handle

Then a lock

And finally,

I draw myself a key.




There is nothing on the outside of the portal.

Like walking into a whiteout

And so I crawl

And draw myself a path.

A path AWAY


On my knees…




Wendy Anne Darling, 2016.

Day Whadeveritis ~ BALANCE AND CHANGE




April 27th, 2016

(I hope this isn’t a Flowers for Algernon day…)


4-27-16 Balance coupled with Change is the answer to everything. I realized this today!

I understand it all today. I hope I still understand everything tomorrow. I’m going to write everything down, just in case.

Every, single thought sequence in this blog post could have a book written about it. Yeah… it’s THAT deep!  😀

I have done no editing. This is pure stream of consciousness stemming from this morning’s epiphany. Sorry… try not to smack me around too much.


Balance coupled with Change is the answer to everything.

Life is our ongoing attempt to balance our atoms while maintaining the balance of the Universe’s atoms.

We cannot save this planet, for change is the nature of all things. That being said, we’re certainly not doing much to help.

I could attempt to sit here – completely still, and yet, I would still be changing. Bits of me fall off and new cells generate. Until they don’t, and then the change is truly phenomenal.

That change is Death. It is a permanent state of change for our consciousness.

But NOT for our atoms.

Everything attempts to balance.


Do two pendulums of different sizes stop moving at the same instant?


Magic caused the Big Bang.


Those of us who cannot begin to comprehend magic, may choose to name it ‘God’ and imagine that it has human attributes. Please stop doing that.

To STOP doing something, you must START doing something else.

I make me happy!

Understanding makes me happy. When I finally understand what doesn’t make me happy, then I can change it.

What makes you happy? Keep doing that until it doesn’t, then do something else.

Drinking alcohol is our vain attempt to quit balancing and lay still.

Balancing is hard work but we still do it, even when we’re lying down.

When we hit that perfect point of balance, we are dead.

Even where there is no life, there is change.

Even the cutest things will irritate us, given time.

Every green thing is evidence of life.

Green is the color of life.

I am happiest when I know the truth.

Wasting your life is getting to the end of it and saying, “Hmmmm… well THAT wasn’t IT!”

The universe is the biggest balancing act in this dimension.

This planet does not need US. But we need IT.

Life is one of Nature’s ways of experimenting.

Life is an experiment.

This planet does NOT NEED YOU.

Let your atoms fall where they may.

The Big Bang caused the Universe, What caused the Big Bang?


You help me balance my atoms.

You cannot force me to balance my atoms, but you might be able to persuade me to try and balance them myself.

The real idea behind taxation is BALANCE.
How’s THAT working out for us?

If we want to make sure nothing changes, we must balance, but change is inevitable.

Balance is not inevitable, but the attempt to balance IS.

Real scientists do not ‘discover’ anything. They simply keep thinking until they realize the truth.

It is Hump Day, and I am standing on the hump and looking at the world with different eyes.

The problem with happiness is that most of us never know what actually makes us happy. Every now and then we simply say, “Well… THAT wasn’t IT!”

I want to be left alone to be myself. At the same time, I don’t want to be lonely.

There is no green where there is no life.

Isn’t it ironic that American bills are green?

The humanitarian idea of socialism is to quit trying to reinvent the wheel.

Do what makes you happy. Let others do what makes them happy.

What is justice?

Is vengeance justice?

Vengeance is anger.

Does vengeance feel good?

Yes; temporarily.

Is vengeance effective as a form of justice?


Well… THAT didn’t work. What now?

Is the Balance of Power Justice?

Not if Power is out of balance.

The only thing that can right the balance of justice is change.

If we do what we have always done, things WILL change. Just incredibly slowly and painfully.

Going in the right direction takes effort. Going in the wrong direction also takes effort. The balance is changed by more people going in one direction than the other.

If common sense ever works, there will be more people going in the RIGHT direction.




No… you need to write it on my arm in permanent marker if you want me to remember it.


Ah! I just realized that the joy of writing everything down means you can always find what you were thinking before the squirrel attack.


Anyway… Change and Balance. Think about it.

Write it in permanent marker on the insides of your eyelids.

Now I am going to develop a line of T-shirts using my quotes.

Publishing them in this blog effectively copyrights them, so doneeventhinkaboudit.

I will find out.


There is no LIFE without both.