Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Goodbye, sweet sun…

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This year, especially, I begrudge the start of Autumn. After breaking my hip 4 weeks ago, I felt as if I was forced to merely observe the second half of summer through shaded glass, from a hospital bed. So, it is with a certain sense of sadness that I step outside and feel the changes in the air. Soon, the violent winds will come and rip the leaves from the trees. Soon, the first snow will be upon us, though the last one feels too recent.

My dreams and plans will NOT be derailed; I shall not long allow this grieving, but, meanwhile, I cry for summer and write poems about its passing. Judging by e.e.cummings’ quote, he felt the same as I do. 😉


Two poems for you:


I will not apologize for loving summer,

For reveling in the warmth of the sun,

For worshipping the myriad greens of life and growth.

But, here comes Fall, once again,

The cold and blustering thief of my happiness.

It strips away the heat, and the flowers,

And the leaves with such a force

That I cannot call it fall or autumn…

Thief of Summer –

I name you ‘Snatch.’

… wendy anne darling 2016



Flowers and I stood,

Fearless in the face of Death…

Prior to the Fall.

…wendy anne darling, 2016


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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #108 Sizzle&Sleek – Wendy Anne Darling


Welcome to the Haiku challenge! Check it out here. Challenge words for the week are ‘sizzle’ and ‘sleek.’

I try my best to keep up with modern-day ‘speak,’ but sometimes it just evades me! 😀


by Wendy Anne Darling:



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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #102 Birth&Cheer


Join us once more for Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge! This week’s words are ‘Birth’ and ‘Cheer.’


Awaiting that cry.

As the words grow inside me

Miracle of birth


Wendy Anne Darling, 2016.

RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #97 Magic&Glimmer

What Happened at the Stone Table?

Just when I thought the true meaning of life couldn’t get any simpler, I wrote it in a haiku.

magic glimmer

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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #97 Magic&Glimmer

The Muse Wakes Early…

The muse wakes early in this house, and I have learned a lot in the last 9 days. Here I was, simply wanting to get into ‘good habits,’ and write something – anything – every day. Oh – and exercise. Well – I am proud of myself – I have done both.

I thought writing something every day would be tough… it was work, right? Good work habits are hard to forge, so I believed I was in for a daily battle with myself. Yet… no lazy couch potato, or evil naysayer, raised their ugly heads.

So, either I am missing something… or writing isn’t WORK.

Or – shock, horror – I love to work!

Naaaah… that’s not possible. Got to be something else.

This morning, it hit me, right between the eyes. I’ve always known that I was supposed to write; that I was missing my calling when I didn’t. And here’s the proof.

Writing IS work. But writing is a joy to me, so the fault must lie in my understanding of what work is.

I have loathed working for other people all my life. But writing is my passion, and, suddenly I realize that ‘work’ is not a dirty word.

I choose, however, to tell myself that I’m going to CREATE instead.

Why tempt fate?


Just you wait ’til your CEO gets home!

I’ll preface today’s post by admitting that my imagination is a little like an old bed sheet that has been used as a picnic blanket; every now and again it needs to be taken outside and shaken to get rid of all the crumbs, dead bugs, and evidence of food fights. Sometimes it even needs rigorous stain treatment and a long soak in a fresh-scented detergent. It might also help if I folded it up neatly at the end of the day to keep it looking like, what I believe to be, “normal people’s” imaginations.

Yes. Well… I have tried that, but I keep waking up with the bedding strewn everywhere. I guess I should be grateful that the mattress is still on the box spring.


That being said, here’s what fell out when I shook it this morning – it’s kind of like that Forrest Gump saying – you never know what you’re going to get. 😀



Some of us still remember the halcyon days when your job was your life, your coworkers were like family, and people often worked for one employer all their lives.

What the hell happened?


“I’ll love you for the rest of my life! But, if I don’t, we can always get a divorce,”

“Darling, we had a good thing, while it lasted, but I’ve started seeing other companies.”

“I’m taking the kids. You can have the dog, and the old, beat-up Jeep.”

“Daddy, don’t you love us anymore?”

“Kids… we have to make the best of it. I’m going to marry NewSpouse Corporation and we’ll have a whole new family. It will be fun… just like the Brady Bunch!”

“Mom! Why does Bobby get a whole dollar for taking out the trash, and I only get 70 cents?”

“Dad! WHY do I get to do all the crappy jobs? You never make Greg do this. It’s not fair!”

“Why can’t I have my OWN office, Mom?”

“I’m sorry I can’t meet you for a burger, Trixie; I’ve got homework, chores, computer repairs for the guy next door, walking the neighbors’ dogs, and then I have to babysit before I have the money to splurge on frivolous things like food.”

“We’re sorry kids. Trying to meld two families together is just not working for us. The people who paid for the wedding are demanding a new beach house. Some of you have to go.”

“If you’d just worked harder, and stopped whining about pocket money…”

“Mom? Dad? What do you mean, you’re ‘selling us into slavery?’”


“It’s OK, darlings…eat up! They say crickets are the new bacon!”

“What’s ‘bacon,’ Mom?”



Writer’s Quote Wednesday- Dean Koontz


Why not join us for this week’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday from Colleen Chesebro at Silver Threading and share your favorite writers’ quotes, or even one of your own!

She was fascinated with words

Craft your potions with care!

My favorite quote this week is from Dean Koontz. I’ve always loved books about magic, but I’m realizing more and more that I adore and revere the magic of the author’s craft of writing even more.

To be able to write new worlds and fill them with tales and characters that completely capture a reader’s attention seems to me like the most precious form of spell-work!

Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Perception is Reality



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I can vividly remember stumbling out of a darkened cinema near London’s Piccadilly Circus some thirty-plus years ago, the two of us coming to a sudden stop as the bright lights, the city sounds, and the suffocatingly clammy warmth of an English summer evening assaulted our senses. We had spent what felt like a lifetime glued to a movie screen; alone, though surrounded by a hundred other moviegoers, living the tale of Doctor Zhivago. We knew the Doctor like a member of our own family and we were silently screaming our grief as Lara and our friend were finally parted forever.

We were Russians in a state of shock, and exiting those doors onto the streets of London, England felt like we had been suddenly and rudely deposited onto the streets of an unknown planet. Our own world no longer felt real.

Perception is reality.

Some years later, the two of us had an extended argument about a visit we had had from a friend. I was adamant that Tony had come to see us on the day that I had cooked a full roast beef Sunday lunch. Dammit all! I remembered every minute of that lunch in my head – I could see it all, but my other half insisted that was not what happened. He, being his usual self, could not let it drop. Most people would eventually agree to disagree… wouldn’t they? Well, not my other half. He kept talking… and talking; he wouldn’t let it rest until he was certain I’d seen it all from the perspective of HIS memory.

And you know what? He was right. When enough of his words had finally sunk into my brain I realized that I had totally mixed two different days in my memory. He was exultant. And I was… WRONG. I felt that cold shock again of suddenly being dumped onto the streets of London when I was really a Russian in mourning.

Had Mike, who had an almost pathological fear of being proven wrong – or of losing at anything, for that matter – not felt the need to keep worrying away at it, my perception that Tony had come to dinner and I had served him roast beef would have remained a reality in my mind until the day I died. In which case, of course, Mike would probably have been waiting for me at the pearly gates with Tony, who would have said “We had fish and chips!”

This last week I was in serious need of a vacation. But where does one go when they are too financially strapped to go anywhere? For me, the answer has always been simple. I have a strange secret… there is one wall in this house where multiple doors to different dimensions are available when I need them. I know that those dimensions are real because my daughter has opened some of those doors and had her own adventures there – I recognize the signs when she returns: the far-away looks, feet almost imperceptibly not quite touching the floor, and that slight frown of confusion which persists for anything from several minutes to several days.

I went to Hogwarts.

I didn’t want to come back, but there’s only so long that you can hide inside the back door of a portal to another world before your supposed ‘real-life’ memories come back and you have to walk through and close the door. On this trip, I heard something that I don’t remember from previous visits; Albus Dumbledore made a comment to Harry, near the end of the story: “Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?” And then the twinkly-blue eyed Professor winked at me and, in my mind, added softly; “This is the golden key to writing, Wendy, use it wisely!”

And that, dear friends, is my perception, and therefore, my reality. 🙂

Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Magic



I love your fairy magic quote, Colleen! It reminded me of one I wrote a while ago, so I thought I’d share that today!


Newly-born Books are like Birds…

Newly-born books are like birds… they