Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Goodbye, sweet sun…

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This year, especially, I begrudge the start of Autumn. After breaking my hip 4 weeks ago, I felt as if I was forced to merely observe the second half of summer through shaded glass, from a hospital bed. So, it is with a certain sense of sadness that I step outside and feel the changes in the air. Soon, the violent winds will come and rip the leaves from the trees. Soon, the first snow will be upon us, though the last one feels too recent.

My dreams and plans will NOT be derailed; I shall not long allow this grieving, but, meanwhile, I cry for summer and write poems about its passing. Judging by e.e.cummings’ quote, he felt the same as I do. 😉


Two poems for you:


I will not apologize for loving summer,

For reveling in the warmth of the sun,

For worshipping the myriad greens of life and growth.

But, here comes Fall, once again,

The cold and blustering thief of my happiness.

It strips away the heat, and the flowers,

And the leaves with such a force

That I cannot call it fall or autumn…

Thief of Summer –

I name you ‘Snatch.’

… wendy anne darling 2016



Flowers and I stood,

Fearless in the face of Death…

Prior to the Fall.

…wendy anne darling, 2016


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More of the Same

I wonder how many dusty and forgotten worlds there are out there? Thanks for this thought provoking post, Jo Robinson! It gave me a lot to think about, and more, besides!

Back in my teens, I spent some time reading Harlequin romances. After about the fifth one, I was justifiably bored by the repetition. Kind of ruined romances for me and I have never read them since. 😂

I DO love the idea, though, of continuing to build and expand a world you have created! It’s built, it’s right there, and ready for some evolution. Doesn’t even need to be the same time period. Maybe you could jump a couple of hundred years and have a story in which new characters are directly or indirectly influenced by the historical actions of your original characters.

I smell smoke! Ooh! I think my brain’s on fire! LOL.


Lit World Interviews

There is no harm in sticking with a good thing. Once you’ve written and published your book, that doesn’t mean that you have to forget the people who live in it forever, and move on to something totally brand new and original. You can write about them again. Maybe just as background for totally new people, just living in the same town maybe. You could write a whole series of books that stand totally alone, with totally different characters but with similar themes. Just not too similar though. Think Raiders of the Lost Ark, Dan Brown, or Lara Croft series kind of similar – similar, but still very different.

One memorable occasion I read and loved a book by a certain author, so I promptly bought another two by him. They weren’t listed as a series, and even though I’m very partial to the familiarity of an author’s voice coming…

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Whats new

Hi everybody,

It’s me, Colleen from silverthreading.com.

Just a quick update on Wendy. She is now closer to home in a hospital in Boulder, CO since this weekend. She is undergoing rehabilitation to learn to walk again after her hip surgery.

The great news is that she is excellent spirits and excited to get busy designing book covers for all your e-book and print book needs.

After the cover reveal of The Heart Stone Chronicles – The Swamp Fairy, Wendy had one lucky author who engaged her book cover services.


Wendy has four more slots available at the 50% price off as was specified in her original advertisement here.

This is an amazing bargain! As you can see from the book cover above, Wendy is an extraordinary graphic artist. For example, I gave her the description of the swamp fairy in my book and she drew the exquisite creature above. I provided her with some photos I had taken from the very swamp in Florida where my inspiration was born. You can see that image on the book cover also.


Thank you for the opportunity to brag about my book cover and Wendy’s work. I appreciate if you will take the time to see what she can do for you!

Fairy hugs and kisses 2

Hugs, Silver Threading



UPDATE! By the end of day one of advertising Bookxeedo, one lucky author has already jumped at the chance to have a cover designed for 50% off the normal rate! Four more 50% off specials left!

A Message from BOOKXEEDO and the artist, Wendy Anne Darling

Wendy Ann Darling

Back in ‘the old days,’ (you know; the days before Amazon made it possible for anyone to publish a book), the mighty publishers chose what would get published. They also – usually – chose the graphic designer/illustrator. The author rarely had much say in the matter. Both the power and the responsibility for that decision was handled by somebody else.

These days, we indie authors not only write our book and publish it ourselves; we often edit, format, and sometimes do the cover art as well.

More power to US, I say! 🙂

The only problem is that it’s tough to do absolutely EVERYTHING ourselves, and one of the most challenging – unless you happen to be a trained graphic designer as well – is that cover. You know? That cover that is the very first thing anybody immediately notices about our books? That little thing that has the power to either turn potential readers off in an instant, or intrigue them enough to check out what our books are about.

Our book covers are IMPORTANT. We all know that, but, often, we simply can’t afford to pay a graphic designer. Even if that designer is really worth it!

So there has to be another alternative, right? And there IS. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a cover that consists purely of a really good photograph and some well-crafted text… except that you’d be amazed how easy it is for a non-trained person not to know how to do it. Some manage it… my hat is off to them, but when I did my own cover I was so grateful for my graphics training. Graphic designers can not only produce great artwork; they are usually trained in marketing strategies and visual communication as well.

Thanks to their talent and training, a good graphic designer can work magic with a simple picture, a carefully-picked font, and nicely placed title and author name. A good designer can often spend much less time coming up with the perfect cover and making it look eye-catching and professional.

I have been helping my friends out artistically for lot of years. Yes, some of my designs take a lot of work and I’d be happy to give you a very reasonable quote for my original designs based on your ideas. But, if that’s not affordable, I still want to help you with the best possible covers at excellent prices. I want to see every indie author’s baby dressed for success..

Bookxeedo will design a simple cover for you using your own photography (or photography that you have been granted the right to use).

Bookxeedo charges only $60 for a simple full front-and-back cover that will work perfectly on CreateSpace. After the work is complete, I will be happy to redesign your cover for the eBook version for an additional $20.

See more information by clicking on the Bookxeedo link at the top of the page.