#WQWWC – “Rebirth” – J.K.R., and My Own Story

Join us for Writer’s Quote Wednesday. This week’s challenge word is ‘REBIRTH.’


Children of an eastern suburb of London, who have been made homeless by the random bombs of the Nazi night raiders, waiting outside the wreckage of what was their home. September 1940. New Times Paris Bureau Collection. (USIA) Exact Date Shot Unknown NARA FILE #: 306-NT-3163V WAR & CONFLICT BOOK #: 1009

Yesterday, I saw a video posted on Youtube of J.K. Rowling, talking about failure, It is one of the most heart wrenching and inspiring things I’ve ever seen and so jammed packed with fabulous quotes that I could NOT pick just one and chose to add a link to the short segment. It’s only around 2 minutes, and part of a longer address to graduating Harvard Students.

Please take a look at J.K. Rowling on the benefits of failure

To say this video knocked me sideways, is an understatement. It prompted me to write the piece below, and I realized – as I was writing – that we really must DIE to be truly reborn. The old J.K. died, the old was burned away and, left with a pen and paper, she wrote her new life as she wanted it to be.

This is how I see my own rebirth:



The house looks like it’s been bombed.

Photos of hope still adorn broken walls,

Betrayed smiles staring back at me.

The bricks and mortar of a life –

Thoughtlessly, callously, strewn –

And trust lies, shattered, on the bedroom floor.


If I stay here, I will end here

If I have not already gone

The air is poisoned and there’s nothing to sustain me

But I stare through cracked and dirty windows

Looking for a sign,

And I see nothing.



I remember back

To long ago

When I believed in magic

And I seek my trusty wand

In desperation

Poking out from beneath someone else’s dream,

It calls to me

But it’s broken in two pieces

From the battle.

I hold them in my hands and lift them high




I grasp one piece of wand and sketch a portal

On one unbroken stretch of wall

And then I draw a handle

Then a lock

And finally,

I draw myself a key.




There is nothing on the outside of the portal.

Like walking into a whiteout

And so I crawl

And draw myself a path.

A path AWAY


On my knees…




Wendy Anne Darling, 2016.


The Muse Wakes Early…

The muse wakes early in this house, and I have learned a lot in the last 9 days. Here I was, simply wanting to get into ‘good habits,’ and write something – anything – every day. Oh – and exercise. Well – I am proud of myself – I have done both.

I thought writing something every day would be tough… it was work, right? Good work habits are hard to forge, so I believed I was in for a daily battle with myself. Yet… no lazy couch potato, or evil naysayer, raised their ugly heads.

So, either I am missing something… or writing isn’t WORK.

Or – shock, horror – I love to work!

Naaaah… that’s not possible. Got to be something else.

This morning, it hit me, right between the eyes. I’ve always known that I was supposed to write; that I was missing my calling when I didn’t. And here’s the proof.

Writing IS work. But writing is a joy to me, so the fault must lie in my understanding of what work is.

I have loathed working for other people all my life. But writing is my passion, and, suddenly I realize that ‘work’ is not a dirty word.

I choose, however, to tell myself that I’m going to CREATE instead.

Why tempt fate?


Writer’s Quote Wednesday- Dean Koontz


Why not join us for this week’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday from Colleen Chesebro at Silver Threading and share your favorite writers’ quotes, or even one of your own!

She was fascinated with words

Craft your potions with care!

My favorite quote this week is from Dean Koontz. I’ve always loved books about magic, but I’m realizing more and more that I adore and revere the magic of the author’s craft of writing even more.

To be able to write new worlds and fill them with tales and characters that completely capture a reader’s attention seems to me like the most precious form of spell-work!