It makes sense


I am there in my mind
The taste of citrus on my tongue
The odor of pine, all-pervading
I glory in the warmth of the sun
My subconscious celebrating ancient mysteries.

I will never leave home without a notebook again…

Julie Lawford

Roses - Ece on Sovalye Fethiye TurkeyI’ve just returned from a trip to Turkey’s stunningly beautiful Lycian Coast. Whilst it was most definitely a holiday, I went, notebook in hand, to refresh my memory and inspire my senses. ‘My first novel’ – its working title, by the way, is Singled Out – is set in Turkey, along this same coastline and I was looking for fine detail.

I carry my writer’s notepad around with me whenever I go out. I occasionally jot odd things down – a few notes whilst I’m sitting in a coffee shop perhaps. It still feels a bit writerly and pretentious, but I expect it may feel more natural in time. Last week in Turkey things took a big leap forward. My notepad, smeared with suntan oil, became a sponge, soaking up my sensory experience, absorbing everything.

I realised as I filled its pages, how inert ones memories of a place can…

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2 thoughts on “It makes sense

  1. Not only for writing, Jools! How quickly we forget the sensory. It tends to get pushed into our subconscious when it shouldn’t be. I believe that developing the skill of recalling those sensory gems would enrich every facet of our lives.

    Thank you so much for that lesson! It is a jewel of astounding value.


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