Coming down off a bender…

Oh, it’s such fun to be flying high. I was feeling like I could jump tall buildings in a single bound and the only thing I had to act as a parachute was my open mouth – because I couldn’t stop talking. That’s OK… I sort of used it like a rudder. But… what goes up, must come down. After hours of behaving like a psychotic human pinball, I crashed hard and have spent most of the last two days in a near coma.

I cooked up the offending drug in the privacy of my daughter’s kitchen, spooning the resulting mixture onto a large metal sheet to cool and cure. Heck; just call me Heisenberg. The purity level was phenomenal; it could have won awards.

And now… I’m going to have to do it all over again, because I ingested so much of my own home-made boiled fudge that there’s not enough left to take to the family Christmas party next weekend!

Dreadful stuff, this. I’ll be glad when I’ve had enough.


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