…how can an Authoress miss with a name like hers?… Guest Blogger, Wendy Anne Darling…

Thanks for letting me share a little of my own story on your blog, Seumas! Bless yeez!

Seumas Gallacher

…sum’times yeez just don’t see the obvious… my LUVLY Guest Blogger today, Authoress, Wendy Anne Darling, carries two of her three names with ease in the Land of Quill-Scrapers… ‘Peter Pan’ come to mind, emb’dy?… whatever her handle, m’Lady writes exceedingly good stuff… I’m delighted to let her talk for herself… enjoy :

cropped WENDY HEADSHOT 3 copy

‘I was born in Somerset, England and lived in the south of England until my dad left the navy and got a job with South African Airways when I was 12. We lived in Kempton Park, which is where Jan Smuts Airport actually is, right near the end of the runway. 747s taking off filled the sky overhead quite often, forcing all conversation to a halt! One of the best things about where I lived was that there was a public library about a two-minute walk away – I got some good exercise carrying large piles…

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